Ever stuck without the right photo for a blog post or a parallax background, but don’t want to use a flat color? It’s common for our users to struggle with finding great imagery to use in our themes, so we’ve designed a set of 1920px by 1080px images that will solve that very problem. Take a look at how they can be used in our themes, download them below, and use them anywhere for anything. These images are released as Open Source under the GPL (GNU General Public License) 2.0. Enjoy!

Preview The Complete Set

This set of background images includes 12 different background textures and multiple color variations for a total of 20 unique looks. Below is a small preview of each design. Click the thumbnails to see complete image.







Examples Of Backgrounds In Our Themes

Almost all of our themes incorporate a possible background image of some kind. Whether it be the main background image of the website, the background image of a slider on the homepage, or just a nice texture for a post thumbnail, these images can be incorporate for wonderful results. Here are some examples of how these images might be used in our themes:

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